A Tingling Recognition

July 19, 2015

Fried gizzard and heart.

The Gojū-no-tō five-storied pagoda of the Kōfuku-ji temple.

A five-story pagoda with a metal antenna.

The Yoshiki-en Gardens are a quiet respite from the busy temple grounds.

A small pond sits surrounded on all sides by lush greenery.

The deer are very friendly.

A close-up of a deer's snout and face

Crackers to feed the deer are widely available for about $1.50.

A deer takes a cracker from the photographer's hand.

The deer know if you have crackers, and they are presumptuous.

A tourist is surrounded by a buck, does, and fawns.

The Tōdai-ji Buddhist temple houses the largest bronze Buddha in Japan.

A huge Japanese building sits behind a perfect lawn.

For scale, the statue’s ear is 8 feet tall.

A bronze buddha with its right hand raised, seated before a golden backdrop of seated buddhas.

The Buddha is protected by guardians in Tōdai-ji and in a nearby archway on the approach.

A giant hideous wooden armored soldier stands atop broken pieces of clay and wood.
A green tub spouts trickles of water into a basin, under its own roof.
In the left half of the photograph, red wooden columns support a red roof.  In the right half stand a row of small shrines and trees.
A white shrine with red trim and a slanted black roof sits before some mossy stone monuments.  Red banners with white lettering hang before the trees in the background.

Nara, Japan.

July 19, 2015

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