A Golden Winged Ship Is Passing My Way

May 28, 2016

A panorama of an empty beach---blue skies at one end, golden at the other.
White water and waves crash over large stones on the beach.
Ridges in the sand march into the distance.
The sun, nearer the horizon, lights the beach and its reflection in the water makes the ocean golden.
A fire in the middle of a ring of stones.

Santa Cruz, CA

We drove down on Saturday, through the hills west of Palo Alto to the coast.

We knew of a secret beach campsite, where you leave your car on some nearby private property with a friendly donation and short hike down from Highway 1 to the beach. The site is on public grounds, but not visible from the road and the segment of beach is disconnected from the beach to the north by impassable rocks.

We somehow left the hotdogs at the grocery store (after purchase) so we had a light dinner of lousy salad and delicious, albeit a bit sandy, artichoke bread. We drank beers and sat around the fire.

The morning brought biologists looking for a nearby dolphin carcass, which was pretty interesting—they took samples, poked and prodded, and made some measurements.

We had brunch at the Main Street Grill in Half Moon Bay on the way back to San Francisco.

May 28, 2016

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