Stray Cavaliers

March 24, 2017

One of a herd at the Aachen Hauptbahnhof.

A horse statue in front of a brown train station.

The Atomium

A set of 9 spheres in a body-centered-cubic packing stands on a corner, a building 100 meters tall.

Inside one of the bonds.

Two flights of red stairs go up a cylindrical tube.
The Atomium seen from one of its cubic diagonals, revealing a hexagonal cross-section.

Eglise Sainte-Catherine

A white stone cathedral against a deep blue sky.

The archangel Michael slays a demon (or dragon).

A golden, winged figure raises a sword, about to strike a supine, horned, black, webbed figure.
Two copper-green statues stand atop ornate pedestals amidst two spires.  One holds a pike, the other blows a herald's trumpet.

Hear me roar.

A copper-green statue of a lion sitting and holding up a longaxe.
A golden statue of a man on a horse.
A golden figure blows a trumpet and holds a long ribbon atop a black and gilted roof dome.

Manneken Pis

A statue of a little boy is garbed in bright red and blue, with a wide, squat, black cylindrical hat.  Water streams from the fountain as though the boy is peeing.

Brussels, Belgium.

March 24, 2017

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