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December 3, 2017

A 30-year-old man with blond hair and beard, smiling widely in front of the red LEGO sign of the LEGO Headquarters.
The same goofy man in front of a statue of three giant, adult-sized, four-by-two LEGO bricks.
A bronze statue of two children---one standing, the other kneeling---building a tall tower of LEGO Duplo bricks.

The Lego House, an interactive museum dedicated to the brick.

A blocky white building with an expansive cement plaza.
A family of LEGO monkeys have a picnic in a giant LEGO tree.
The tree is enormous---many stories tall, with lots of branches and platforms of leaves that exhibit cities, towns, castles, and picnicking monkeys.
A crane is atop the tree, hoising a leaf into place, helping the tree grow ever taller.
An enormous green and brown LEGO two-legged dinosaur with bright white teeth, defending two eggs.
A more whimsical red-and-yellow LEGO dinosaur, with small leaves and animals riding along.

I made this.

A blocky white LEGO snowman with a black tophat, orange nose, and red scarf smoking a black pipe.
A rearing horse made of white LEGO.
A LEGO skier about to take off from a ski jump.
A LEGO lighthouse on a rocky island with a small beach, breaking the waves.
A LEGO reindeer water skiing.
An abstract, round LEGO tower.

Billund, Danemark

On my way to Odense for Technical Advances in Lattice Field Theory I flew through Billund. LEGOLAND itself was closed for the winter, but the recently-opened LEGO House was great. Very interactive, with lots of creative opportunities and amazing exhibits.

December 3, 2017

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