How Many Wonders Can One Cavern Hold?

December 12, 2017

A green bronze statue of a warrior-bishop on a rearing horse.


A canal with tall sailboats, with brightly-colored buildings on both sides.

Vor Frelsers Kirke

A black spiral spire trimmed with gold atop a stone tower.
Bright buildings in front of a canal with sailboats, before an overcast sky.

The changing of the guards, at Amalienborg

Two pairs of guards dressed in blue pants, black jackets, and tall, furry hats, face one another before two red booths a wide, black doorway into a stone building.

Den Lille Havfrue statue, commemorating Hans Christian Andersen’s famous story.

A bronze statue of a female mermaid rests on a rock in a harbor.

The moat of Kastellet, with St. Alban’s Church.

A moat surrounds a star fortress, with a black and white stone church on the other side.

The wall demarking the boundary of Freetown Christiania

Bright street art on a long wall depicts Mohammed Ali, Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, a nude woman, a baseball-cap wearing robot, and other abstract designs.
A building's side with graffiti titled

Tivoli Gardens’ swing carousel.

A brightly-lit swing carousel near an illuminated Christmas tree before a dark sky.

Tivoli Gardens.

A lake reflects a lit-up amusement park pagoda.

København, Danemark

On the way home from Technical Advances in Lattice Field Theory I stopped in Copenhagen. The city is beautiful, although it doesn’t get much light in early December. I made some nice friends at a hostel, enjoyed some walking tours, and had a great hotdog. Tivoli Gardens is open for Christmas-time. We rode the roller coaster while wearing virtual-reality headsets, which was phenomenal and so obviously the future it’s hard to overstate.

December 12, 2017

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